Thursday, March 21, 2013


True Bliss for Murphy
 Yeah, I know Christmas was awhile ago :-), but when I thought of the word I wanted to write about this week, this picture is what came to mind!

Bliss...we know it when we feel it, but most of us would be hard-pressed to actually describe it.The first definition listed at (Merriam-Webster dictionary online) is "complete happiness." Yes, that'll do!

And I think Murphy is a pretty good representation of that in this picture, don't you? Actually, I felt bliss when I saw him so comfortable in front of the fireplace with the twinkling lights of the tree beside him - our favorite violin "soaking" music playing in the background ( and a fragrant cup of Keurig coffee beside me.  Ahhhhh...

You might wonder why I picked a word not used in our everyday language - at least not in mine. A client requested a mini-workshop titled "Find Your Bliss at Work" and I thought that was a great topic - and a challenging one to boot. So I added a word to the title and it's now called "Find Your Bliss at Work ~ Really!" It's full of thought-provoking tips and questions encouraging the participants to ponder what really makes them happy. I love helping people ponder those kinds of things!

I am fortunate to find bliss in my work - most days. I am privileged to help other people "sort things out" - whether that has to do with leadership, personalities, emotional intelligence, balance in their lives, or any one of many other topics. When I see the proverbial light bulb go on for them, I can honestly say I feel bliss.

So...what brings you bliss? What makes you happy? Often it's not about money, things, status, power, or jobs. It may be a feeling you get when you spend time with a good friend. It may be the fleeting moment when you take a sip of your favorite coffee - or when you watch the kids playing or the dog galloping across the yard. It may even be when you're learning and growing - or helping something else grow by digging in your garden.

Whatever brings you bliss, take time this week to consciously remember it. Think how it makes you feel. Reflect on how you might bring more of it into your life. And drop me a note to let me know what came to mind!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I love the stunningly beautiful blooms that the passion flower creates. I don't, however, love the way the plant invades the entire space on my patio. Last week, I was disappointed to have to cut it down - all of it, or so I thought. I needed to clean up the fence area so that, if we ever find someone who wants the job (another story!), the fence will be ready to tear down. However, my disappointment was lessened when I noticed the beginnings of new sprouts in a non-fence area of the patio. Now if I can just discipline myself to keep it cut back so it doesn't have to go through such a traumatic operation next time!

And speaking of disappointment, a few weeks ago I applied for a residency at a writer's retreat in NC. Last night, I received word that I was not chosen out of the 250+ people who applied for this year's coveted spots. To say I was disappointed is putting it mildly. My "recovery time" from the disappointment that email created was a little longer than I care to admit. But I HAVE recovered - less than 24 hours later. For some reason, I was not supposed to take that week out of my schedule this year. Perhaps someone needs me for training during that time - or maybe my family will just need a little extra attention. There's also the very real possibility that those who did secure a residency spot needed it more than I did. Whatever the reason, I know that the disappointment I felt last night can be replaced by a forward-looking perspective.

You all know me - I'm the eternal optimist. I do believe that something better will come along - whatever "better" looks like at that point in time. Here's the key - it's my decision to decide that whatever DOES come along looks better!

What about you? What disappointments have you faced lately? Most of us are exposed to occasional disappointments and it might be helpful to face them head on - then decide what we're going to do about it. Will we find the "better" or the "bitter?" It's up to US!

And by the way...I'll be applying again this summer for next year's residency!