Thursday, November 3, 2011


Hi everyone,
Long time, no "write" :-)

I have no excuses - I barely have "reasons!" Life is just flying by and it's hard to imagine that more than 5 months have passed since I've posted.

But you know what? I've decided I'm not going to beat myself up for that. I was so excited about writing frequently when I started my blog. But life not only flies, it sometimes gets in the way of our best intentions. It won't help for me to "yell" at myself for not doing something I really wanted to do. Instead, I've decided my words to myself should be encouraging, just like my words to others.

Several weeks ago, our pastor talked about words being "containers." I love that concept. They can "contain" a positive, upbeat attitude or they can bring on negative thoughts and emotions. I make a real effort to make sure my containers hold something encouraging, uplifting, enthusiastic, positive, helpful, hopeful, etc! - and I succeed a good amount of the time.

That was actually my original intent for the blog. We certainly don't lack for negative words in our environments these days - just turn on any TV show, news channel, radio show, or whatever. Negativity abounds.

But it does NOT have to be that way for US! Will you accept my challenge to try to be aware of what fills your containers? That's my goal for me...when what is in my container becomes polluted with negativity, harsh words, anxiety, or any number of emotions and feelings that don't serve me well, I hope I am aware of it and am able to "change the channel."

So how about it? Will you change the channel the next time your container holds something that isn't good for you?

Here's hoping you do!

(P. S. No, the cat on the guitar isn't mine, but isn't he adorable??)

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