Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi everyone,
Today's word has so many "perspectives," doesn't it??

So many things happen in our lives every day that can affect our perspective. Maybe we're worried about that huge unexpected car repair bill, then we remember that there are those who can't afford bus fare.

We are irritated about waiting too long in the doctor's office for our yearly appointment, then talk to a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.

We complain about the heat (don't we always, fellow Floridians??) then hear about the horrible mudslides in Colorado, typhoons in the Philippines, or even the awful sinkhole that just swallowed an apartment building only an hour away!

We fuss about friends and relatives who don't make the effort to stay in touch, then we read about Tripp Halstead who continues to fight every day to overcome a traumatic brain injury. That family is thankful he's alive, even though he can't communicate with them.

We complain about too much work, then read yet another story about the thousands of people who can't find a job.

We bemoan the fact that we need to go to the gym to exercise, then realize how fortunate we are that we are healthy enough to do so.

We wince when we think about all the home repairs and chores that need done, then realize how wonderful it is to have a place to call home.

Last night, I stretched out on the bed with the lights off, just to take a deep breath. It was DARK - and quiet. In that nearly totally darkened room, I couldn't help thinking about how precious my sight is. I pondered how thankful I am to be able to hear the faint sound of the air conditioning unit (thankful for the hearing AND the a/c!).

So...the next time you realize your perspective might be a bit off-kilter, stop and think about what someone else's perspective might be of your situation. You might just find yourself thankful for your particular "lot in life." Let me know if you do!


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