Monday, December 16, 2013


Greetings everyone and Merry Christmas!

The picture I've posted is one of the first blooms from the camellias in front of our recently-added fence. It almost looks artificial, doesn't it? I think it's very nearly perfect. I was tickled pink [get it?? :-) ] when I saw the profuse blooms a week or so ago - the bushes are only about 6 months old and they have been blooming heartily since I spotted the first bud unwrapping itself in the sun.

But did you notice that I said "very nearly perfect" when I mentioned the bloom in this picture? Few things in life are consistently 100% perfect, are they? If you look really close, you'll notice the teensiest bit of browning on the bottom right leaf and the smallest of blemishes on one of the fringes on the bottom left of the flower.

It reminds me of life. When the weather is almost perfect, there's a bit too much (or too little) humidity. When we think we have our finances in place, an unexpected bill comes along - or an expected payment doesn't! When we think our health is great, we pull a muscle lifting the handicapped cat from his bed :-). When our jobs are rolling right along, we hear dreaded rumors of layoffs. When we thought we had that report done perfectly, something is off somewhere and we've lost a huge chunk of time trying to find it.

There are times, though, when we need to recognize that excellence may very well be preferable to always chasing perfection. I don't think I've ever experienced consistently perfect weather, so I'll be happy with Florida's sunshine most days. Financially, most of us would always be happy for more, and yet, I am so fortunate to be able to pay my bills and then some. I have several friends who are suffering from serious illnesses, and I will be happy with my excellent - although not perfect - health. My job, which I LOVE, involves some travel, which I DON'T always love - but it's an excellent way to make a living - doing something that really brings me joy - AND helps others.

Even in doing my job, I sometimes notice that I haven't done things perfectly. Often, the participants in my workshop don't even realize whatever it is that isn't "perfect" according to the Linda Bruno theory of perfection. They are happy to learn and grow using the information I share with them - even if I accidentally leave something out that I meant to mention...or if the PowerPoint slide isn't quite lined up right. I've learned to roll with those punches and know that as long as I pursue excellence, I will be giving it my best...even if it's not quite perfect.

How about you? Do you stress over the "less than perfect" pieces of life? Gee, that can cause a lot of stress for most of us, can't it? Maybe it's time to take a step back and decide to be happy with "less than perfect" - especially when you know you've done your best. And remember...if you truly do your best, your best is likely excellent!

Blessings to each of you during this Christmas season and a happy, healthy, and EXCELLENT New Year!


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