Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Growth...I think!

Ahem...(wink, wink)! Aren't you proud of me? Just over 2 weeks and I remembered to post again - that's growth, right??
As you know, I tend to talk about words that keep popping up around me. Growth is the word this week. It's been in what I'm reading, in conversations, in the very few TV shows I watch...you name it, it's "growing"! (By the way, the kitten who will soon be growing is no "relation" ~ I just came across this picture and considering Guy's music store full of guitars and my affinity for critters, I decided I liked it!)
What I want you to think about, though, are the areas in your life where you would like to see some growth. Unlike most people, my hubby, bless his heart, is trying to "grow" his weight - argh!! He loses a pound or 2 and I find them!! But it's a constant struggle for him and he has become very aware (there's that word again!) that he needs to be vigilant about it. Just one day of letting his guard down and he drops a couple of pounds. On the opposite end of the scale [get it? :-)], just one day of letting MY guard down and I add a couple pounds. So, let's just agree, that's an area many of us can be more aware of regarding growth.
But what are the other areas in which you'd like to see growth? I was speaking with a client today and found myself getting really excited when we were talking about developing new workshops - I love to learn and GROW that way. It's the reason I am still so passionate about what I do after more than 10 years. I am always growing - sometimes through personal learning on my own, sometimes through ideas from participants in my workshops, sometimes from "constructive criticism" from my participants ~ but always on the lookout for ways to grow. Maybe your job doesn't give you that much excitement...what are other ways you can "grow" on your job? Dealing with people? Making more of an effort to understand "their" side (whoever "their" is)?
"Growing" my writing craft is another area I'd like to work on. Last week, I sold a greeting card I had submitted and it made me realize how much I miss writing for fun. It's on my list...just not a priority at the moment.
Of course, I would like to see my "bank account" grow, but I am finding that I am less focused on acquiring material things - gee, I just have to dust it and take care of it :-), so for me, why get it to begin with?
Others are just the opposite - they have collections they like to "grow," be it Santa Clauses, fishing lures, unicorns, angels, duck decoys, or Hummel figurines. And that's okay, too ~ I love to look at their collections :-). The key is to make sure whatever you are "growing" is bringing you pleasure.
Another area that I like to keep an eye on is my growth as a person - you know, things like...am I kinder than I used to be? Less judgmental? Less likely to "bite back" when someone is rude or just oblivious to how they are treating me? This is probably an area that I will always need to work on. You too?
Let me know how you would like to "grow" in the coming year ~ and I promise, I will do my best to come back and wish you a merry Christmas before it has come and gone!

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