Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hi all,
I'll have to say, the title seems appropriate at this point in my hectic life!

Actually, what nudged me to finally start posting again is that I was going through a practice session for a webinar I'll be presenting on "Compassion Fatigue" and the host asked if I wanted my blog address published. I was sad to say that I hadn't posted in quite some time, then told her to go ahead and publish it - that gave me a reason to start posting! (That, and I found myself looking at a writing contest this morning, which tells me it's time to tune in to that part of "me" again).

The webinar I'm presenting is targeted to library workers, some of whom are weary after many months (or years!) of trying to help the unemployed, the financially challenged, those with health problems, and a myriad of other people who just need...help.

But as I thought about the title, it occurred to me that many of us are fatigued. I am personally dealing with a bit of compassion fatigue in trying to help my husband maintain his health. As some of you know, he had tongue cancer in 2007 and is now cured - we are SO blessed! There are residual issues, though, that we could have never prepared for...the constant pain and/or numbness in his jaw/chin due to the broken jaw from pulling a wisdom tooth about 3 years ago...the continual tooth issues due to non-functioning saliva glands as a result of 62 (life-saving!) radiation treatments...the ongoing struggle to keep his weight up because of the difficulty of swallowing for every single one of the meals he eats - and if he loses weight, I find it!

I am not complaining about the compassion/caregiving aspect of what I just described. I am honored to be able to be the one who can help him through any issue that comes up.

Combined with full-time work and full-time in a master's degree program, though, and the word fatigue might just have my picture on it - along with so many of your pictures, too, I'm sure.

Some of us are fatigued by "caregiving" of some sort, some are fatigued by the stress of an insecure job situation, a financial burden, nagging health issues, or relationships...or all of the above - yikes!

Whatever the source of your fatigue, I urge you to find that few minutes where you can relax and breathe - whether that is watching your favorite TV program (As Time Goes By!), playing "Words with Friends," reading a great book, or watching the birds outside on your patio...or maybe writing a blog, like I just did!

Don't just fritter away those precious few moments doing something mindless - be mindful of the small pleasures and make sure you include some of those, too - I just did!
(and yes, that picture really is how I work many afternoons - obviously, Murphy has found the secret of enjoying his time!)

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