Friday, May 31, 2013


Greetings, everyone! Today's word can have so many meanings, can't it? I instantly think of "looking forward to something." For example, I have been patiently awaiting installation of our new fence and landscaping and ... ta da! Here it is :-)  It's not as high as we would prefer (community restrictions), but we love the look of it, the openness of it, and the way it highlights the beautiful flowers...

On the other hand...we filled out doggie adoption papers on May 21, but it appears our anticipation is misguided. It seems the doggie we were trying to adopt may no longer be available. I really felt this was "the" one for us. I could actually picture her following me around the house. Alas, it was apparently not meant to be.

BUT, I am anticipating some really fun things coming up in my work in the next few months - one is the Servant Leadership workshop in Chicago in June for the ALA conference (sponsored by ASCLA). That will be jam-packed with great information to help the participants learn and grow in their leadership styles. I hope they're anticipating it as much as I am! And while I'm there, I'll be meeting up with some of my favorite clients - a very good reason to anticipate a visit to the Windy City!

And this week, I found out I'll be "touring" the state (Florida), conducting some mini-workshops on refreshing and renewing yourself at work. That should be lots of fun and I'm really looking forward to it. I've teased potential participants by hinting about a special surprise I'll have for them. Shhhhhhhhhhh, I can't tell anyone - then they wouldn't have as much to anticipate, would they?

Whether it's a special get-together over the summer with friends or family, a good book you've been looking forward to reading, trying out some new recipes on the grill, a new project you've been dying to delve into, or a relaxing vacation (that's coming in October!),anticipation is good for the soul.

What are you looking forward to? Think about it and drop me a note - I love hearing from you!


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