Monday, August 4, 2014


Hello everyone,

Today's word can be looked at in a variety of ways - different perspectives...get it? :-)

The picture above is of our first-ever tomato plant that we are growing in our elevated garden on our patio. From this perspective, the green tomatoes looks quite big, don't they? Actually, the largest one on the branch is about the size of a quarter here. Sadly, even though this picture was taken about a month ago, they aren't much bigger now. 

So...yesterday, I pruned the second branch - basically just cut it right off the plant so that any nourishment that was going to the second branch (which had no tomatoes on it at all, but was still sprouting pretty little tomato blooms) would now flow to the branch with the tomatoes. I'm hopeful that this will allow us to pluck at least one ripe tomato before the birds or other critters discover our treasure!

So from our perspective, we had to "let go" of one thing to try to nourish the other.  Has that ever happened in your life? Have you had to let go of something to protect something (or someONE) else? A job? A relationship? An attitude? Financial security? Have you been able to find clarity in your new perspective?

I told you in the last post that we were going to Shands to try to get answers on Guy's continuing jaw issues. In two days, we will return to Shands to get a surgery date and the details on what they will have to do to help improve his quality of life. All we know so far is that they will cut out his right lower jawbone and replace it with a titanium bar that will help support the new bone, which will be cut from the fibula in his leg. Depending on the day, our perspective changes on how we feel - hopeful one day because something is finally being done. Scared another day (pretty much every day, actually) because this is a huge deal. However, when we step back and consider our options, our perspective always ends up on "hopeful." It has to, doesn't it? We can wish it weren't so or be angry because it is so, but in the end, our perspective needs to be hopeful.

What's going on in your life that you wish weren't so - or find yourself being angry about because it is so? As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that workin' for ya??" It probably isn't. Often, when we find ourselves in one of those pits of wishing or anger, we need to change our perspective. 

As you may have heard me say in one of my programs - or maybe I've even mentioned it here - there are only 3 things that can possibly happen in a situation: 1) you can change the situation, 2) you can leave the situation, or 3) you can change your response to that situation. In so many instances, #3 is really our only viable option.

So, will you join me in trying to remember option #3 the next time your perspective gets out of kilter? I know it won't be easy - but it's sometimes all we've got!

Do drop me a note and let me know how it's going for you.



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