Sunday, December 27, 2009


Greetings as we begin to wind down yet another year. My high school phys ed teacher was right - they seem to go faster the older I get!

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this week, the word joy kept coming back, even though I mentioned it last week. And when I was pondering what I wanted to title this week's post, "Joy...continued" popped into my mind. When that phrase came into my little pea brain, I immediately grabbed hold of it as the great ending to one year and a perfect beginning to the next. Think about it ~ isn't that what you want in 2010? Joy...continued??

So let me ask you a different question than last week's: What is it that gives you soul-satisfying joy? I have found over the past few years that for me it has nothing to do with "stuff." As a matter of fact, sometimes the "stuff" gets in the way of my joy. My joy comes from awareness ~ of my surroundings, of my blessings (especially health for me and those I care about!), of my purpose in life (which I have come to believe is to help other people, whether that is through a workshop, a conversation, an email or this blog!), and sometimes just an awareness of life itself as I sit quietly in front of the fireplace surrounded by my "furry friends."

So I'll end with that question ~ again: What is it that gives you soul-satisfying, mind-calming joy?

As we enter a New Year, take some time to think about the answer to that question. THEN make sure you find time to experience "it" (whatever "it" is for YOU) over the next 12 months...

Remember ~ joy CONTINUED. Isn't that what life should be about every year?

Wishing you the healthiest ~ and most joyous ~ of New Years...and don't forget to share that joy with others!


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